Thursday, September 27, 2012


S is for SHOES.

My three year old son's VANS

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."
~Carl Gustav Jung

Via Iphone 4 Design

"Loosing My Shoe" via Vocisconnesse

Choosing Shoes

By Frida Wolfe 
New shoes, new shoes,
Red and pink and blue shoes.

via The Newton Label

via Fancy Face Couture

via Simplicity is Bliss

Tell me, what would you choose,
If they'd let us buy?
Buckle shoes, bow shoes,

via Wooly Baby

Via The Bow Makers

Pretty pointy-toe shoes,

via Allen Company

Strappy, cappy low shoes;
Let's have some to try.

via Velvet Crush Vintage
Mens GBX Cappy Dress Shoe
via Journeys

Bright shoes,

via Makin' It Mama
white shoes,

via BaliElf
Dandy-dance-by-night shoes,

via Stutterin Mama

Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes,

via Mein Bellchen

Like some? So would I....

 Jenny Matlock


  1. Cute post! My granddaughter once had Vans like your son's -- pink and black, I believe!!
    I like sandals myself!! But used to love boots!

  2. Wow, so many beautiful shoes! The clogs are great, and of course the baby shoes are all adorable.

  3. Great S post! I loved all your shoe pictures, and your lines to go with them!

  4. I absolutely refuse to wear "cruel" shoes. They are pretty to look at, but could prove deadly if I tripped and fell. I like my Bass slipons, thank you!

  5. What a fun post! I love the photo of your son's Vans!

  6. Very cute post. I have a...habit of collecting shoes, haha.

  7. I think I'm in love with those woolie baby shoes!

    Your son's Vans made me smile!

    Thanks for a superb link to the letter "S".