Monday, September 10, 2012

My Table Monday - Leaf Keychains!!

It feels so great revealing my table to you on a perfect September afternoon.
I spent yesterday, my Sunday afternoon working on something brand spanking new:
The HartFelt Autumn Leaf Keychain.

Creating a new design is my favorite part of the process.  I start with a sketch, and then develop a pattern from the sketch.  I then begin to hand-cut the eco friendly felt by hand and I work on it and work on it until its just right.  Sometimes I make a few before I decide which one I really like the best.  !

My 3.5 year old son is really into taking pictures from his camera these days.  So being the proud mama that I am I had to share his photography...the second one down! As he says, "I'm going to take a picture of your leaves Mama!"

Autumn leaves photographed by my three and half year old son, Asher.

Autumn Leaves and Halloween Owl Ornaments


  1. I love leaves! Those are so sweet. How awesome of your son to "help" you. :)

    1. Im so happy you like them! My son is always "helping" me! He loves it that mommy is always making something :)