Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to Patty at Fabric Sticks and Strings - for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger Award!" Patty loves to create beautiful one of a kind things to brighten your home!
She uses only the highest quality cotton fabrics, threads and yarns in her pillows, table runners, quilts and other home decor items.
Check out her etsy shop

My job now is to tell you 7 things you might not know about me.

1. I have two boston terriers, one is a "Bugg" (Pug + Boston Terrier = Bugg) 10 & 6 years old.
2. I have ran 1 full marothon (26.2 miles) and 2 half marathons (13.1 miles), and various other smaller races. I will run more races someday soon to raise money for leukemia & breast cancer.
3. I love cheese.
4. I used to be in a book club. I wish I still was because I have loved to read since I was a little girl.
5. Before my current property managing position I was a toddler teacher at a local child care center. 6. I wish I could play an instrument.
7. I want to have my second baby in the next year or so.

Now for the list of 15 blogs to pass the torch to...The list of amazing, creative, pasionate bloggers you must check out !!

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