Thursday, September 20, 2012


R is for Rings.

I love rings.

I love photographs of rings on hands. New and Old.

RINGS have history. Stories.

I am so very blessed and honored to wear on my wedding finger now for over 10 years, the same diamond that my hubby's father used to propose to his mother.

Here is the ring that my thoughtful husband gave to me
three and a half years ago the day we had our first son, Asher.  
Representing Asher's {March} birthstone: Aquamarine.  
I hope to give it to him someday when he grows up so he can give it to someone he loves. 
{But not toooo soon!}

What stories do your rings tell?

Since I am an Etsy addict...
I must share with you some simple, chic, rings from my Etsy wishlist:
{Simply click on the photo to view more info}



Jenny Matlock


  1. what pretty rings. Your wedding rings are precious! They remind me of my wedding and engagement rings, which were a "gift" from my mother: her engagement ring and other little diamonds from various earrings of my grandmother. My DH and I had the all put together in a set. {:-D

  2. I lost my wedding ring while climbing mount stewart. I couldn't stand to tell my husband so I went out and bought one that was exactly the same. I told him a little later.... He has lost two rings so far... My favorite ring is one that my grandma passed on to me. She melted down all of the family rings she had acquired and created a beautiful piece using all the diamonds.

  3. I enjoyed hearing the stories of your rings! How sweet to have that diamond.

  4. Rings do tell stories!
    I sadly lost my wedding ring about 8 years ago. My husband and I had matching ones made by an artist.
    What special rings your husband gave you!

  5. Oh wow. You have gorgeous rings.

    And pretty hands to show them off on.

    That top etsy one is really delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely things (and dreams!) with us.


  6. Your wedding ring looks like vintage jewelry! That must have been a very special ring for your hubby’s mother. Looks like it was kept and preserved in excellent condition! The wedding ring that I am wearing now is from my grandmother. The ring is almost 60 years old. That’s why it’s very special to me, and I try to keep it clean always.