Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five --- Apples

Friday Five is back!!
Welcome to another edition.
Each week I choose a topic, 
then pick 5 Etsy shops to feature.

Pretty simple. Pretty darn fun.

Each photo caption is linked to an Etsy shop. 
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This weeks topic: APPLES!

Summers' end reminds me of apples, &
picking apples at my grandmas house as a little girl. 

I love apples...
in fact they are my favorite fruit. 

What is your favorite fruit?

I enjoy healthy apple snacks with:
string cheese
peanut butter
cottage cheese

What do you eat your apple with?

Fine Art Food Photography Print - home and kitchen decor photo by Katie Lloyd Photography

Kitchen Art Food: Red Apple Heart by Marianne LoMonaco Photography




  1. mmmm....apples! definitely say Fall to me! I like slices of apples with almond butter.
    favorite fruit? the Summer ones, maybe blueberries.

  2. Great features! Love the apple/heart photo :)
    Fall always reminds me of comfy sweaters and soups/stews :)

  3. Love apples, especially in smoothies or salads :)
    you found so many great items to feature!

  4. Perfect feature for the beginning of fall! I love all of the photographs.