Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work in Progress - - - Polka Dot Owl

Here are 4 Polka Dot Owls in the works ... ready to be stitched, so they can go to there new homes.

What is your favorite part about crafting? I love everything about crafting...using creativity to create a new design, cutting out all the felt pieces, stitching all the pieces together, shopping for list could go on.  I do have to admit that I love the stitching part the most. I've loved to stitch (particularly embroidery) since I was a little girl.  That thing called life took over for many years.  I'm so glad I jumped back in full force into my craft. I'm in love. I could stitch all day if I could...maybe one day I will be able to.

So for now, I am cutting and stitching like crazy in the evenings to prepare for the expo...

One of these owls is being sent to the March giveaway winner. One owl will be submitted as a door prize for the Pregnancy Baby Kids Expo. Two are left. Any takers? Email me any questions::  

Please take note that I happily take custom orders and bulk orders. 

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