Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Postcards

Heres the scoop:
I took a photo of my softies. I opened the photo in picnik (bummed they are shutting down their services in April). Is there a photo editing site you suggest? I simply added text to my photo. Saved it to a SD card & took my SD card to my local print shop.  I brought along with me my own white cardstock I got on clearance @ Joanns the other day. I had 4 photos printed per page @ 53¢ per color copy. They cut them for me for $3.98. I could have done the cutting myself but the money was worth the time saved. For around $30.00 I now have 200 postcards for all my advertising pleasure. What are your advertising suggestions? Do you order your advertising, or do you "do it yourself?"

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