Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boys Boys Boys

Sarah Moore,
mother of three boys,
lover of all things crafts,
also residing in Washington State, (small world)
and brilliant owner of Fly Guys provides "all things super for your little hero." 

If you have a little boy in your life you must check out her shop. 
You are sure to find all your super hero needs and more...
I have a three year old son, & I know first hand this is the stuff that little boys LOVE! 
I will be soon purchasing a gift for my little superhero from her in the near future!

From satin superhero capes,
Superhero Cape, Mask, and Cuff Set

to tee shirts,
Blue Capitan America organic cotton tee shirt in size 3t with Cape

baby blankets,
Large SUPERMAN Cotton and Minky Baby/Toddler Blanket

and unique superhero products.
Comic Mask and Cuff set
Sarah created this lovable 'Boys, boys, boys' treasury! (Thanks Sarah)
She kindly chose my Super 'A' to be part of the collection. 

Super 'A' is made to order can be made in any color combination,
and customized with your child's initial.

Enjoy this treasury you are sure to find some more great gift ideas for the little boy in your life!


  1. about the superhero paraphernalia--I totally agree! I once had a little boy and loved this stuff!