Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Girls Deserve Only the Best

I am behind on treasury promotion so you will be seeing a lot of shops and treasuries this week to catch up...I wouldn't want to leave any of these amazing handmade artists out of my blog :)


Livia is a mom of 2 children,

and her love and passion for her children reflect in the creativity of her work. 

She specializes in making personalized decor and paper art,

& she happily takes custom order ideas. 

Her inspiration behind her shop name is her daughter's nickname:

'Little Pea Pod' Crafts.

Here are a couple examples of her darling work found in her shop:

The 'A' was shouting out at me because my son's name starts with an 'A.' A is for Asher.
Children's Monogram Art

I love monkeys! In fact I decorated my son's nursery with monkeys!
Monkey Handmade Greeting Card

Livia was so kind to include my
in this oh so cute treasury with baby girls in mind: 

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  1. What a cute treasury! Livia makes some cute thing herself!