Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five --- Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
My mother in law {Ellie} who is no longer with us today, beat breast cancer about 8 years ago. Roughly five years later she lost the fight when she suffered leukemia a rare blood disorder a small percentage of patients get from a side effect of the chemo therapy she recieved while battling breast cancer.
She has been in heaven three years this month. 
October is a hard month for our family because
her birthday, death, and her favorite holiday {Halloween} falls in the month of October. 
Its also tough that our 3.5 year old will never know his Grandma Ellie.
{He was 7 months when she left us}
She will always have a special place in our hearts. 
She was brave and courageous, a great wife, mother, sister, grandma, and friend. 
 We miss her everyday. She will never be forgotten. 
How has breast cancer affected your life? 
Spread Awareness, & LETS. FIND. A. CURE. TOGETHER!
On a sweeter note...Here are 5 pink things Ellie would have loved!!
{click on the links for more info}
via Bakers Bling Shop

via The Little Red Door

via Embelish Girl Vintage

via Jenny N Design

via Katja Dewdrop Studio

Here's to everyone
that has been touched
by Breast Cancer. 
You are not alone!! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Choo Choo

T is for Trains.
I think trains are fun...there is something so magical about them!
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Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spinning Web

"I will get you with my web...
and then I will climb up my web...
because I'm Spiderman.
That's what I'm gonna do."
~Asher Age 3.5


Black and White Wednesday

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Table Monday

Scavenger Hunt

Leaves along Taylor dock on Bellingham Bay ~ My hometown.

 Getting Ready
Packing snack for preschool.

Bright red leaves against a bright blue sky. Love it!

 Teeny Tiny
Tiny boats on a large bay.

Old school connections.


Join in on the fun next week with words:

Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Tag Techniques

Blogging Business Artisans' September topic: New Techniques or Media.

Brought to you my Nancy from:

For some time now on the top of my 'to-do' list has been a desperate need to:
 Design a new tag technique to tag my plushies that will save precious time. 

I adore my original tags that I make...and so do my customers. 
However, soooo time consuming. 
{I'm talking hours to make 20}
My new technique has enabled me to make 100 tags in 10 minutes max!!!!!
This is a no-brainer.

The original tag pieces are all hand cut and tacky glued by myself into a half inch square. 
The new tags are made by stamping my logo, from a custom stamp, with opaque paint onto
a half inch square piece of bias tape. {twill works too}

I will continue to make my original tags in the future for my more expensive plushies, but for the smaller items such as party favors and ornaments made in larger quantities and sold at wholesale prices
I will begin stitching in my new tags.

Boy are you in for a special treat... 
because this post is full of DIY tagging secrets...

Original tags

Bias Tape
Opaque Paint
Custom Stamp
 Stamp Pad Foam


Sewn in with love,
I will reveal a plushie early October 
featuring my newest tag!!
Stay tuned....

Wishing you lots of creativity in the spooky month of October.

Friday Five --- Tangerine

Is it really going to be October 1st on Monday!!!???
Hard to believe.
But - I say Bring. It. On!
I enjoy every moment this time of year. 
Let the fun times begin:
pumpkin patch, pumpkin lattes, halloween...
What are your favorites this time of year?

Today's Friday Five topic is Tangerine -
my newest favorite color - perfect for the month of October. 

Feast your eyes
on the hip tangerine home decor collection
I put together for you to enjoy. 

Quick, cheap, & simple
ways to spruce up your home
for the fall months ahead.

I instantly fell in love with this darling pillow the moment I laid eyes on it. 
I really like the nature details.
I really could see this pillow POP on our brown leather couch this fall!!
by  My Dream Home

I just love tea in the fall.  Especially mint tea.  What is your favorite kind of tea?
by ShopYU

These are stylish sake cups but they would also work great for serving tea out of that teapot above!
by Jill Hannah

Modern decor is my favorite syle, and this clock would actually look great in any of my rooms!
by White Van

Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of owls.
I couldn't pass on featuring these lil hoots. 
I can't pass up on a soap dispenser that would make me smile every time I looked at it!
by Claylicious